Life changing road of traveling (РУС выше)

I believe that people who once in their life went out on the road, will never be able to get it off. Because the dust of these roads on our tanned cheeks, trampled corns on our feet and burning eyes on our face is that incredible experience, which human growth is impossible without. This road is our life. Our infinite, stretching out into the distance life.

I packed my 45-liter backpack for the first time three years ago. I’d been in many other countries before that, but in my first real journey I put myself merely that day. Alone. Across the Europe. As soon as I came out of my comfort zone, the entire world opened up and amazed me so that will stay with me forever now. And if it once opens to you, if you have the courage to take a step into the unknown –you’ll get a chance to experience the great bliss of this life.

26 countries behind my back. So little and so much at the same time. Every day on the journey – so new and so fresh. Every day is a riddle of the universe and a great mystery of being. You never know what’s going to happen to you. Who will meet you. Where you’re going to crash at for the night. With whom. This is how beautiful our life is! By moment. By chance. By feelings! Unbearable sweetness of the unknown, which we consciously immerse ourselves in and allow ourselves to sense, feel, live, at last. For the first time I realized that in summer 2015. It was lasting august heat. I woke up in my small room in La Spezia, Italy, stretched out in my bed and suddenly noticed how the sunlight was pouring all over the room through the opened shutters. That was the light of a new pure day. An unknown, uncharted, alluring day. Behind those windows was a whole world, a whole country, a planet! Universe! Space, you know? At that moment I realized what a great blessing it was to be where I am now.

That day I discovered the beauty of this world one more time. I visited Cinque Terre, swam in the Mediterranean Sea, enjoying delicious Italian gelato and the sunset coming down to the Earth and painting the sky with yellow, so that day forever hit my memory and blew my mind. I had lived the whole life!

Every new city I had a chance to visit gave me an unforgettable, invaluable experience. Memories that will live with me throughout the life. People I’ll always remember. People who inspire, who seek, learn something new every single day and who give gratuitously. Give through knowledge, warmth, talk. People who are not afraid. Whose mindset is open to the road, who trusts it entirely. The world is one. Harmony between people, understanding and love to each other is what humanity really needs nowadays.

Couchsurfing experience has brought me to many extraordinary people. Maria is one of them. We met two years ago in Brooklyn and yet we have a connection. Then in 2016 I left America for the music festival in Budapest, she left New York for Boston. But falling in love with New York, we promised each other to come back here whatever might had happened. And here we are. Strong, filled with new thoughts and ideas, blessed. Her desire to teach yoga, desire to help other people find themselves, to gain balance and harmony inside, to become stronger physically and spiritually, inspires me a lot. This is a contribution to our inner world. In mine, in her, in yours.

I’m not afraid anymore. I am open to everything new. I love to travel with all my heart. I’m not afraid to take a risk. I’m learning. I’m trying. The world is waiting for you. Paris is waiting for you! Mountains grandeur is waiting for you! The azure water gleam in the islands is waiting for you. Waterfalls of Iceland, canyons of America, fjords of Norway, skyscrapers of Hong Kong, slums of India, rice fields of Indonesia. People of different skin and faith. Their history, their faces. Their experience and culture. Is all waiting for you. Happiness to see all this, experience and reside is waiting for you. The road loves everyone. Everyone who dared to step on it. If there is nothing new in your life, nothing amazing, if you do not do what brings you joy, if you do not like sincerely and by your heart, do not risk, do not try, do not dare, do not expand the borders, do not travel, if you do not – what then is your road? What are you going to remember then?

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