Fire Island TRIP (ENG version)

When people ever tell me they have not enough money, time, opportunities for traveling, I find it hard to believe, because I know for sure a day trip can bring you as much warmth and emotions as you need to make that breath of fresh air and look at everything in a different way.

I love to leave home sometimes, I love to be on the road, stop at gas stations, grab a cup of cheap black coffee out there which warms me up inside and makes me sleepy even more. I love this unexplained, unintelligible to everyone, unbridled thirst for endless movement, filling myself with something special, as if bringing you back to the very beginning, and then everything ordinary, all day after day repeating, exhausting, taking energy away – ceases to exist, as if it were something once dreamed up.

And there I sit on a warm bench. My eyes are closed, no thoughts at all, I hear — whistling of the wind, ears bent by February, and sounds of the waters of Atlantic calming me down. I kinda like this winter.

Later on, there was a bit of history of the island and the construction of the lighthouse, we climbed to the very top of it, getting over 182 steps along the cold spiral staircase, and enjoyed a wonderful view out there.

Fire Island
Fire Island, New York. 2019
Fire island, New York. 2019