*JULY 2018

One month ago I didn’t even know who The Weeknd really is. My co-worker turned the station on with his songs at some point. I found out that he gives a concert in Wisconsin. And we spontaneously bought tickets to Chicago the same day. Took a train to Milwaukee and as soon as we got to our host’s house our adventure began. We’ve met so many people for the last 24 hours that I haven’t met for a very long time. Random people. Good people. I woke up today in an almost absolute silence listening birds which is amazing and I realized that my life in New York doesn’t exist and never did. I’m in a moment of pure inspiration and calmness. We have an amazing host. We live in an amazing house. We have 2 dogs, backyard, bonfire, good people around, good vibe, good feeling, nature. We are blessed. The question is if our current life in New York is exactly what we need? If it’s worth it? Rush, chaos, multiple jobs, millions of people, tons of problems, traffic? The highlight of our short unexpected trip was the concert which happened by accident and became actually an impact for us to change something and to think about it. We put ourselves in a life more light and calm and we even think that it might be our new life and Milwaukee – our new home.

*APRIL 2019

Can’t believe we made it to Milwaukee again! Such a spontaneous trip…such a spontaneous life! This city is so tempting, we enjoyed a lot our quiet days in Riverwest. Everything we have makes us being in love with this house and this town more than ever. Such a peaceful place to be!

Made a little video about our trip. Check that out!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 2019