So in love with this life and all wonderful people in it. The place I live at and friends I am surrounded by is such a blast!

Waa… saying about yourself is not easy. Human being is the most important thing I can tell. Once I had visited New York City in 2016 my life had changed completely and turned into an amazing adventure I’ll be always grateful for. After I moved to America I found myself happy and harmonic in a place called Rockaway. And I can’t be more blessed. I’m forever in love.

My mother always says I am crazy in my ideas. I don’t care. How I am living this life, making choices and breathing the way I breathe is all my responsibility. The most important thing I’ve learnt is: life’s too short to do what we don’t like, to live where we don’t feel comfortable at, to work at the job that doesn’t bring us joy and pleasure but money. I clearly realize that society can not dictate you what’s right, what’s wrong for you. I know, to reach the point about what happiness is and how to live this life is the hardest part. So many thoughts and ideas I have to share with people. That is why I am here.

I am backpacker and traveler forever! When I am on the road I feel myself like at home. And the Road loves me. Love to discover the world and new people, their culture, their history, their lives. Travel around the world is one of the main investments in our lives! Coming out of your comfort zone, exploring and walking towards unknown things is something that makes you a better stronger person, fulfilled with knowledge and love. After seeing so many countries (i guess, 26?), trying Couchsurfing, hitchhiking, backpacking, traveling solo, camping in the mountains…I still think I am at the very beginning. It is still not enough. Never stop exploring.

I wish to tell you how stunning Great Canyon is, how it feels swimming naked in the ocean in Bulgaria, how dangerous but unforgettable was hiking to the Glacier in Alaska, how I slept in a trailer with strangers in Iceland, how beautiful streets of Paris are, how I moved to New York alone… But more important for me is to share a piece of my soul.


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