Art Gallery

As painting has become a part of my life I would like to show you some of my works and introduce my art to you. It will take some time to upload all paintings so here are some of them. I also started doing postcards recently to inspire people by little things and motivational sayings. It is good as a gift or as a decoration for a wall in your house reminding you about something important every day. Happy to spread love and warmth out.

Contact me if you’d like to get a postcard from me and I’ll send it to you.

Any donations to support me are welcome but not necessarily.

My online shop RockawayART

Blue dandelions (watercolor, 2018, New York)
Woman (acrylic, 2018, New York)
On the Sea (watercolor, summer 2018, New York)
Lilac (acrylic, 2019, Rockaway New York)
Blue dandelion postcard (2019, Rockaway)
Inspirational pear (2019, New York)